About us



Cor van Wijgerden

The Chess Tutor is based on the step by step method devised by Brunia/van Wijgerden. This ‘Stappenmethode’ is a very successful method of teaching which helps people learn the game of chess in a systematic fashion. It is in use in many schools and chess clubs all over the world. Cor van Wijgerden is an International Master and former Dutch national trainer; also a teacher, he has the necessary pedagogical background.




Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

In the Chess Tutor the step by step method is enhanced by many new games for teaching and practice which were programmed by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, who has already won on thirteen occasions the title of World Computer Chess Champion for his chess program Shredder.


Knowledge 4It


Eiko Bleicher

The user interface was designed by Eiko Bleicher, who has had extensive experience with chess programming with his programming of the endgame analysis engine Freezer and the user interface for Shredder for Macintosh, Linux and mobile phones as well as numerous online chess applications.




Jürgen Daniel

Jürgen Daniel is responsible for the business side of things and product support. In addition to his activity as the German language distributor of the Stappenmethode, he has for many years been involved in chess publishing and runs a chess server linked to his own firm iSchach.